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'GTA Online' loading screens and matchmaking errors reported by 'GTA 5' players

'GTA Online' mode
'GTA Online' mode
Photo courtesy of Rockstar Games, used with permission

A few "GTA 5" players are encountering more issues in regards to the "GTA Online" mode. According to a report from Product Reviews on May 10, several users are having a hard time trying to connect to sessions while playing multiplayer. They would get stuck in the loading screen for a long time. Furthermore, the online servers would often timed out.

Rockstar Games, the publisher of the software product, has not yet commented on the issues. However, the company previously stated that "GTA 5" won't be affected by the legacy servers being shut down later this month by GameSpy. A few other titles published by the company, such as "GTA 4" and "Red Dead Redemption," will have a few online features be disabled later this month, however.

The multiplayer servers of "GTA 5" may be caused by the influx of "GTA Online" players. The "High Life Update" will be released later this week in North America, adding several high-priced in-game items such as new apartments, vehicles and more. As a result, a lot of users could be trying to grind out missions in order to earn enough in-game currency to purchase the new virtual goods.

Alternatively, players can circumvent the extra time needed to rack up a lot of in-game currencies by using real money to purchase the cash card DLC. Although all of the multiplayer-focused DLC packs have been free so far, the micro-transactions have earned Rockstar Games a lot of revenue so far. In addition to the "High Life Update," the new patch also comes with a new Mental State statistic along with a enabling the ability to possess two apartments at the same time.

"GTA Online" suffered from similar problems when it first launched as players have a hard time connecting. Most of the issues were eventually resolved after numerous patch updates. However, it appears that the servers could still suffer when there are a lot of players trying to connect. A similar problem could occur with the anticipated releases of the upcoming multiplayer heists, which should be coming out later this spring.

"GTA 5" has a lot more players when compared a majority of other software products. Despite being only released on the PS3 and Xbox 360, it still managed to sell over 32.5 million copies with more than 70 percent of buyers logging into "GTA Online." The user base is expected to grow even bigger, especially with the rumored launch of the PC, PS4 and Xbox One ports. A multiplayer screen from the video game from the official Rockstar Games Twitter page is located near the top of the article.

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