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'GTA Online' insurance money exploit discovered after 1.13 'GTA 5' patch

'GTA Online'
'GTA Online'
Photo courtesy of Rockstar Games, used with permission

A new money exploit has been discovered in "GTA Online" after "GTA 5" has been updated with 1.13 patch. According to a report from International Business Times on May 31, a fan found a way to switch a insured car from the personal garage with a more expensive vehicle. The glitch requires at least three players who must take some specific glitch.

The aforesaid "GTA 5" 1.13 patch fixes many bugs involving vehicles. Exploiters were finding numerous ways to purchase DLC cars for free in addition to duplicating the automobiles in garages. However, Rockstar North was able to get rid of most of the glitches with the title update, which also added the high life expansion to "GTA Online." A photo of the free DLC from the official Rockstar Games Twitter page is showcased with the image attached near the top of this article.

The development team is also punishing players who get caught using the exploits as well as other hacking methods. The studio has removed in-game cash in the past and recently reset the reputation points of cheaters. Repeat offenders will end up on restricted playlists with other mischievous users. Players who simply earned money and experience by completing the same mission over and over again won't be punished.

Like the other glitches, the aforementioned "GTA Online" exploit regarding car insurance should be fix with a future patch. Rockstar Games already announced plans to add multiplayer heists before the end of the spring season. With summer set to officially begin later this month, the next title update should be coming in the near future.

The addition of heists should renew interests in the multiplayer mode. In the new match type, multiple players team up together for bigger and more complicated robberies similar to the ones found in the single-player campaign. Just like to the previous DLC packs, the new downloadable content should end up being free to the end user.

"GTA Online" already has a big user base as most of the 33 million customers who purchased "GTA 5" have played its multiplayer mode. Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games and Rockstar North, also reported that a majority of its digital revenue came from the cash cards purchased from the open-world action-adventure game. The rumored upcoming "GTA 5" releases on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One should also help expand on the user base, giving the company a bigger financial boost.

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