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'GTA Online' heists, 'GTA 5' on PS4, Xbox One and PC release dates speculated

'GTA 5'
'GTA 5'
Photo courtesy of Rockstar Games, used with permission

The release dates in regards to several "Grand Theft Auto 5" projects have been further speculated. According to a report from Air Herald on Aug. 15, a rumored DLC pack was expected to come out this week. A fan was able to dig through a source file to find that the expansion was being planned on the same day as the press conference held by Sony Computer Entertainment at Gamescom. Due to the publicity of the media briefing, some enthusiasts believed that the potential announcement could have been related to "GTA Online" heists.

However, Sony Computer Entertainment did not mention anything related to "GTA 5" at the event. It appears that the DLC pack has been pushed back to a later date. Rockstar North may have been distracted with a recently exploit in which hackers were using mods to perform sexual acts on other players. The development team could be trying to release a patch to fix the hack in order to prevent any potential legal issues.

The studio is also rumored to be working on two other expansions, one of which is casino-based as it allows players to play certain gambling mini-games. The other could be related to zombies as multiple hints were found in the game's data files. An official announcement has not yet been made by Rockstar Games in regards to when the next expansion is going to come out.

As for "GTA Online" heists, Air Herald speculates that the cooperative mission type won't be released until "GTA 5" launches on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The feature was originally intended to launch within the launch time frame before being pushed back to the spring season of this year. It has since been delayed indefinitely.

"GTA 5" currently has a general fall release time frame for the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms. Although that particular season is rapidly approaching, a more specific launch date has not yet been disclosed by the publisher. A screen showing the Xbox 360 version from the official Xbox Facebook can be seen near the top of this article.