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‘GTA Online’ DLC weapon glitch fix revealed following 1.11 ‘GTA 5’ patch

‘GTA Online’ DLC weapon glitch fix revealed following ‘GTA 5’ 1.11 patch
‘GTA Online’ DLC weapon glitch fix revealed following ‘GTA 5’ 1.11 patch
Rockstar Games

The 1.11 patch of “Grand Theft Auto V” was recently released. In addition to several fixes and new features, the title update also added a new Gusenberg Sweeper DLC weapon to the “GTA Online” mode. However, a few “GTA 5” players were reporting that the gun was missing from their weapon inventory. According to a report from Games Blog on March 7, Rockstar Games has provided a fix for the glitch.

The publisher revealed that players have to reboot “GTA 5” and the log back into “GTA Online.” This process must be done again if you have more than one character. Those who are affected by the Gusenberg Sweeper glitch also need to go to the Ammunation in-game store in order to reacquire all of the weapon mods. Fortunately, they do not have to pay again for the modifications. You can find some screens from the recently released DLC pack, along with other shots from the video game, in the slideshow to the left of this article and the full details of the fix below:

In order to re-enable access to this weapon in your inventory, you'll need to reboot GTAV and load back into GTA Online with each character that previously had the weapon in their inventory. So, if you have more than one character that had the Gusenberg, you'll need to repeat this process of rebooting the console for each of your characters. You'll also need to go to Ammunation to re-apply any gun mods you had for the Gusenberg, but you will not be charged again for components you had already purchased.

The aforesaid DLC pack also added new “GTA Online” missions, clothing options, cars and more along with a pair of weapons that include the aforesaid Gusenberg Sweeper. The “GTA 5” expansion can be downloaded from the in-game store of the multiplayer mode after the video game has been updated with the 1.11 patch.