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‘GTA Online’ DLC heists, roles and more details discovered from ‘GTA 5’ files

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New details about the “GTA Online” DLC heists may have been found in the files of “Grand Theft Auto V.” According to a report from Junkie Monkeys on Feb. 3, a hacker going by the alias of “funmw2” was able to locate data that listed the various roles players can take on during the upcoming multiplayer cooperative missions.

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Participants will be able to be a part of heists as attackers, bodyguards, defenders, demolition, drivers, gunmen, hackers, lookouts, pilots, runners, snipers and transporters. The hacker also found that up to four teams can be used during the cooperative missions from the content creator feature.

A previous leaked regarding the “GTA Online” DLC heists disclosed that one of the missions takes place at the Maze Bank in the Vinewood neighborhood. The job required a hacker, marksmen and a getaway driver along with a car that can speed past the pursuing cops.

Rockstar Games, the publisher behind “Grand Theft Auto V,” previously confirmed that DLC heists will be added to “GTA Online” although a specific release date has not yet been announced. However, the company did recently hint at several big expansions will be released this year for both the single-player and multiplayer modes of “GTA 5.”

A slideshow containing screenshots from “GTA Online” can be viewed to the left side of the article.