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'GTA Online' DLC heist guns, weapons and more leaked for 'GTA 5'

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A hacker going by the alias of "Steven Hacker" has revealed some photos showing what appears to be the next DLC release for "GTA Online." According to a report from Breathe Cast on May 28, players can use several guns and melee weapons for the new multiplayer match type of "GTA 5." Similar to the previous expansions, the new contents should be activated through a patch update.

Among the "GTA Online" heist guns discovered by the hacker includes the .44 caliber pistol, Goosenberg Sweeper and Scar rifle. For melee, players can also use broken glass and a knife during the cooperative missions. Furthermore, another leaked photo shows several other weapons such as a MG/AR rifle, modified knife in addition to a new handgun.

The release of heists was previously announced for the spring season along with capture creator and the high life updates. With the other two expansions already released for "GTA Online," Rockstar North should be currently focused on adding heists. Fans may not have to wait too much longer with the end of the spring season coming within the next several weeks. You can find a screen of the high life update from the official Rockstar Games Twitter page with the image located near the top side of this article.

Heists were originally meant to be made available sometime shortly after the launch of the multiplayer mode in "GTA 5." The development team had to deal with several unexpected problems at launch, postponing the initial DLC plans. With much of the issues resolved, the expansions are now coming out on a regular basis.

The user base for "GTA Online" is much larger when compared to other console games. "GTA 5" sold 33 million units on the PS3 and Xbox 360 so far across all regions, making it one of the best-selling games of all time in less than a year. Furthermore, a large percentage of players also tried the multiplayer mode at least once.

The anticipated launch of heists should bring in more players to "GTA Online." Moreover, Rockstar North is rumored to be working on "GTA 5" for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, which is going to expand the user base even more. An announcement for the new ports is expected to be made at E3 2014. Although Rockstar Games may not have a presence at the convention, the video game could show up during the press conferences of Microsoft Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment on June 9.


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