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'GTA Online' DLC exact release date time and future 'GTA 5' patch discussed

'GTA Online' screen from 'GTA 5'
'GTA Online' screen from 'GTA 5'
Photo courtesy of Rockstar Games, used with permission

Another update has been posted by Rockstar Games concerning the exact time of when the next patch would be released for "GTA 5." In the comments section of Rockstar Newswire on May 8, several fans wanted to know the specific launch point for the title update. A representative revealed that an announcement will be made as soon as possible when the patch would go live for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the open-world action-adventure game.

The title update includes the "High Life Update," which brings many new contents to "GTA Online." The biggest additions involve a handful of new apartments that could be purchased. Players can also possess two properties simultaneously with garages, giving more storage for cars. Speaking of vehicles, the Dewbauchee Massacro, Dinka Thrust, Enus Huntley S and Pegassi Zentorno can also be purchased in the multiplayer mode of "GTA 5." You can find a screen depicting the latest DLC release of the open-world action-adventure game from the official Rockstar Games Twitter account with the photo near the top of this article.

The same representative also provided some tips on how to contact Rockstar Games in terms of ideas for future patch updates. One of the most requested features are "GTA Online" heists, which was previously confirmed to come out before the end of this spring season. The same DLC was promised to arrive near the launch of the multiplayer mode in Oct. of last year. So fans have been waiting for a long time to try out the multiplayer heists in "GTA 5." You can find the complete statement below:

Hey all, glad to see so many of you are excited for The High Life Update on Tuesday. For those asking about the specific time of when it’s releasing, we will be announcing here at the Newswire on Tuesday as soon as it’s available on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation Network. Also for those with feedback of things you’d like to see in future updates, please remember to hit up as the official inbox where we review all player suggestions for consideration. Thanks!

A few of the contents from the "High Life Update" will be added to the single-player mode as well. For example, the personal garages of Franklin, Michael and Trevor should automatically be deposited with the Dewbauchee Massacro, Dinka Thrust, Enus Huntley S and Pegassi Zentorno. A set of DLC packs catering specifically to the campaign "GTA 5" are also in development.

Although all of the DLC packs have been available for free so far, the publisher is still making a lot of money from a micros-transaction scheme in which players can convert real money into in-game currency. Customers can buy these cash cards in order to save hours of grinding in order to purchase new virtual goods such as the aforementioned apartments and vehicles. The revenue may be boosted in the future with the expected releases of "GTA 5" on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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