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‘GTA Online’ bad sport penalty time reduction methods in ‘GTA 5’ revealed

'Grand Theft Auto 5' media gallery
'Grand Theft Auto 5' media gallery
Rockstar Games

The “GTA Online” bad sport penalty time from “Grand Theft Auto 5” can be reduced by using several techniques. According to a report from Gamer Headlines on Feb. 11, players do not necessary have to wait for the clock to count all the way down to be allowed back into the normal lobbies.

They can instead take several actions to reduce the bad sport penalty time in the “GTA 5” multiplayer mode. One of the methods is to contact other users to give the affected individuals a “good sport” rating. Those that get stuck on bad sport lobbies can also decrease the sentence period by successfully completing jobs and missions. The website suggested that the fastest way to do so is to host and win online races.

Players are put into bad sport lobbies by performing actions that are deemed unacceptable by Rockstar Games to the “GTA Online” community. They can get blacklisted by destroying cars owned by other users in addition to leaving in the middle of missions and matches. Cheaters and exploiters are also being added to the segregated online servers. The penalty usually starts at two days and would increase with subsequent offenses.

Despite complaints from “GTA Online” players who do not agree with the rules, Rockstar Games do not plan to remove bad sport lobbies in the future. However, the publisher of “Grand Theft Auto 5” did recently reduced the penalty for destroying vehicles from other users.

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