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‘GTA Online’ addresses those who received exploited cash, bank accounts adjusted

GTA Online
GTA OnlineRockstar Games

After an extended maintenance period for Grand Theft Auto Vs online multiplayer mode was concluded, Rockstar Games confirmed on Jan 16 that all in-game cash that was obtained through the use of exploits has now been fully removed from the game. Additionally, all players that were found to have engaged in variouscheats and system exploits that resulted in the creation of the creation of what totaled billions of GTA Online dollars have also had their accounts permanently banned.

GTA Online
GTA OnlineRockstar Games

Many users were unexpected recipients of large sums of in-game cash as cheaters would often times make unsolicited gifts of money while playing online, making the game’s currency a form of digital weaponry as Rockstar Games describes it. Players who received the unwanted inflation to their bank accounts then ran the risk of having the game’s system label them as a possible exploiter themselves, while also making it harder for the developers to track down the actual responsible parties as several users were suddenly flagged for having ridiculous amounts of cash.

The Rockstar Support website released a FAQ on Thursday which shed more light on how they are handling punishing the cheaters without affecting innocent players who may have simply received exploited cash. This week’s extended GTA Online downtime gave Rockstar Games the opportunity to properly go through the system and ban only those found to have actually engaged in cheating.

Anyone who merely received gifts of cash, without actually performing any exploits themselves, won’t get in any trouble. However, all money in their account that was gained through the use of exploits has now been entirely deleted from the game. Any purchase that users have made with such cash prior to today will remain unaffected. In other words, players will get to keep vehicles, properties, and weapons purchased using exploited money as only the currency itself has been deleted.

Grand Theft Auto V is out now on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Players can also now connect to the game’s servers to create their own character to play alongside others after GTA Online launched in October of last year.

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