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‘GTA 5’ to receive its next major content update later this month

GTA Online
GTA Online
Photo courtesy of Take-Two Interactive, used with permission

Fans of Grand Theft Auto Vs online multiplayer mode will be getting several new features in May after Rockstar Games confirmed that the game’s next big title update will be launching this month. The developer revealed on May 2 that the High Life Update, which will give players the ability to own more than one property within GTA Online, will definitely be out by the end of the month.

This will be the second of three planned content updates for Grand Theft Auto V which Rockstar Games promised fans would release this spring. The Capture Creator Update, which gave players the tools to build their own in-game capture missions, was the first of the three announced updates and it released last month. Now the High Life Update will launch at some point in May. This will only leave the third and final spring update that will finally add the highly anticipated online co-op heist missions to the game.

The High Life Update will add several new things to the multiplayer world of GTA Online. Like past content updates, fans can expect new clothing, weapons, and vehicles. However, this month’s update will also introduce a major new convenience features to the game as it will allow players to multiple properties. Currently, gamers may only posses a single property so this is a big upgrade. The new update will even come packed with new in-game apartments to purchase.

To help fans save up so that they can purchase all of the new content from the High Life Update, Rockstar Games is hosting a special in-game event that will last until the end of the day on Saturday. During this time, players will earn double RP and cash payouts from all missions inside GTA Online.

Grand Theft Auto V is out now only on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, The High Life Update will launch later this month and GTA Online is scheduled to receive co-op heist missions at some point this spring.