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‘GTA 5’ Title Update 1.12 adds new bribing mechanic, now available for download

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Rockstar Games has now released the latest patch for Grand Theft Auto V on both Xbox 360 and PS3. Fans will be automatically prompted to download the update the next time that they start the game.. The developer released a full list of patch notes on April 8 which completely detailed all changes that have now been applied to the game’s online multiplayer mode.

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Title Update 1.12 contains numerous bug fixes, gameplay tweaks, and even a few new features. The biggest change introduced with the new update is the ability to call Lester for the ability to bribe police to look the other way. Fans may be aware that they could previously call the in-game contact to pay a fee to remove their current wanted level. However, update 1.12 gives players the ability to pay Lester a fee to bribe the authorities so that they will be unable to acquire a wanted level for a brief period. This allows gamers to prepare for their crimes ahead of time to preemptively avoid trouble with the law if they know that they are about to commit a crime such as a store robbery.

The update also makes is so that competitive jobs will grant more cash payouts when there are fewer than four players. In an attempt to get more user feedback, fans will also receive 50 RP any time that they either like or dislike any content within the game. While in the match lobby, waiting for the match to start, fans can also now view the map for the job that is about to begin. This both gives gamers something to do before the match starts as well as prepare for the session as the map also shows all item pickup locations.

In addition to the listed changes above, Title Update 1.12 also implements dozens of bug fixes to GTA Online. This includes everything progress blocking issues to the prevention of known exploits. The full changelog can be viewed now on the official Rockstar Support site.

Grand Theft Auto V is out now on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Title Update 1.12 is also now available for download. Rockstar Games is also launching the Capture Creator Update this Friday which will allow players to create their own Capture Jobs using the in-game mission creation tools.