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‘GTA 5’ story mode DLC hinted and ‘GTA Online’ heists release date update posted

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A new statement has been provided by Rockstar Games regarding the future DLC plans for both the story and “GTA Online” modes of “GTA 5.” According to a post from Rockstar Newswire on Oct. 25, the company provided an update on the first downloadable contents for the multiplayer.

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The staff at Rockstar Games did not mention heists as part of their immediate plans for “GTA Online,” suggesting that the special mission types for multiplayer may have been delayed along with the previously-promised capture the flag mode. The company disclosed that news regarding the two DLC will be announced next week.

Rockstar Games also teased that the first details regarding the downloadable content for the story mode of “GTA 5” will also be coming within the next several weeks. You can check out some screenshots from the open-world action-adventure video game in the slideshow located on the top left-hand side of the article and the statement from the company below (courtesy of Rockstar Newswire):

Stay tuned as we hope to have more information with more details and specific timings on these content updates as well as on GTA Online Heists and the new GTA Online Capture the Flag mode to share with you next week. We will also have initial details on more additional content coming for both Story Mode and GTA Online in the next few weeks.

The release of heists, capture the flag mode and other downloadable contents were initially promised for the first few weeks within the launch of “GTA Online,” which was made playable for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on Oct. 1. Numerous bugs, including several that caused players to lose their progress, prevented Rockstar Games from following the original DLC release schedule. You can order the product from Amazon in the following links: “GTA 5”