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‘GTA 5’ still doesn’t get online heist missions after new update goes live

GTA 5 San Andreas Flight School Update
GTA 5 San Andreas Flight School Update
Photo courtesy of Take-Two Interactive, used with permission

The most recent free title update for Grand Theft Auto V is now available to download on both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The newest content introduces new missions to the game’s online multiplayer mode as well as tweaking mission payouts within GTA Online. While detailing the latest update, Rockstar Games announced on Aug. 19 that the San Andreas Flight School Update is now live. However, the developer made no mention of online heist missions.

As the name implies, this week’s update for GTA V features an emphasis on air-based content such as new aerial missions and vehicles. The San Andreas Flight School Update adds 10 new solo missions to GTA Online that test players piloting skills. The courses challenge fans to accomplish various flight-based objectives such as formation flying and even combat maneuvers.

To give players the tools to put their flying skills to use, the update also introduces several new additions to the game. Gamers will be able to purchase their very own flight suit and Ammunations’s stock has been updated to include several new parachute designs. Fans can even now purchase an all new reserve parachute which can be opened in addition to a main chute in order to further brace for landing impact in emergency situations.

The San Andreas Flight School Update also adds several new aerial vehicles to Grand Theft Auto V, including the new 16-passenger Buckingham Mil-Jet. For those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, the update also adds a new sports car for purchase.

Fans who were hoping that the newest update for GTA V would finally bring online heist missions, however, will be disappointed. Rockstar Games still hasn’t provided any details on when the anticipated feature will launch for GTA Online. The developer delayed the release of co-op heists earlier this spring but has not since given an update on when the content is now expected to launch.