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'GTA 5' PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 file size limits posted for 'GTA Online'

'GTA 5'
'GTA 5'
Photo courtesy of Rockstar Games, used with permission

"GTA 5" on the PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 may not have a functional multiplayer mode depending on the amount of free space of the system's storage. According to a report from Gameplanet on Aug. 29, owners of the fifth main "Grand Theft Auto" game were reporting problems accessing "GTA Online" on the 12 GB PS3 system following the 1.16 patch update. Rockstar Games provided a statement, disclosing that the only solution is to add more space to hard disk drive.

For the 12 GB PS3, the publisher recommends that player should upgrade their hard drives. While the campaign of the game can still be played without the 1.16 title update, "GTA Online" won't be functional. Furthermore, any additional future patches won't be added for the single-player mode if there is a space issue. A similar situation occurred with the Xbox 360 version. Owners of the 4 GB model of Microsoft's current-generation system had to use another storage solution in order to install and play "GTA 5."

The problem may also occurred on the next-generation systems. Although the PS4 and Xbox One both include a 500 GB hard drive, the free space could be depleted quickly as all retail games, including the upcoming ports of the latest "Grand Theft Auto" title, need to be mandatory installed. Along with big patch updates, players could quickly run out of room. Fortunately, the PS4 has an upgradeable hard drive while the Xbox One could support external storage solutions.

"GTA 5" on PS4, Xbox One and PC was previously announced with a fall release date window. However, a recent report suggested that the ports could end up being delayed until next year. Rockstar North is increasing the resolution, texture details and other visual elements to the open-world action-adventure game, which should also add more space to the game's data. You can find a screen of the PS4, Xbox One and PC ports of "GTA 5" located on the top side of this article (courtesy of the official Twitter page of Rockstar Games).