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'GTA 5' PS4, Xbox One and PC release date delay further speculated

'GTA 5'
'GTA 5'
Photo courtesy of Rockstar Games, used with permission

The "GTA 5" release date on the PS4, Xbox One and PC could end up being delayed. According to a report from Gamepur on Aug. 20, the lack of new details and press coverage are leading some journalists to speculate that the ports could be pushed back until sometime next year. The new versions of the fifth main "Grand Theft Auto" installment won't be the first project to be postponed into 2015 as "Batman Arkham Knight," "Evolved," "The Order 1886" and "The Witcher 3: Wild Hint" also suffered setbacks.

The editorial team at CVG noted that they got to see a playable build of "GTA 5" on the PS3 and Xbox 360 four months before it was released last year on Sept. 17. Previews were also revealed for the current-generation consoles from multiple media outlets a month before launch. However, Rockstar Games have not yet provided any hands-on time in regards to the upcoming PS4, Xbox One and PC versions.

Only a short trailer has been shown so far for the ports. The video did provide a look at the upgraded animal count, car count, foliage, frame rate, resolution and textures when it was first shown off at Sony Computer Entertainment's E3 2014 media briefing. Rockstar Games also confirmed that "GTA Online" characters can be transferred to the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The feature is essential considering that the development team has spent a lot of time updating the multiplayer mode. Some players may have invested a lot of time and money as well.

The "GTA 5" release date for PS4, Xbox One and PC was originally announced for sometime later this fall. The Rockstar North is also still patching the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions while working on the ports at the same time. You can find a screen of the latest "Grand Theft Auto" game on the current-generation console from Sony Computer Entertainment near the top of this article (via the official Facebook of the Playstation brand).