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‘GTA 5’ players create in-game tributes to past Rockstar Games titles

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Using the mission creation tools found within Grand Theft Auto V that allows fans to build their own in-game jobs for the game’s online multiplayer mode, players have designed several new in-game missions inspired by various Rockstar Games titles from the past. Proudly displaying the fan-created tributes to their games, the developer honored the jobs by officially promoting them on the Rockstar Newswire website on May 21.

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Created by several different fans, the user-generated missions which pay homage to the previously released games from the developer of Grand Theft Auto V represent a wide selection of past titles. These Rockstar tribute missions include jobs based upon many of the developer’s popular franchises such as Manhunt, Midnight Club, Smuggler’s Run, and Bully. Rockstar Games decided to share their favorite fan creations which manage to best capture the fell of each game that they were inspired by.

The mission creation tools give players the ability to design their own jobs which can then be fully played within GTA Online. When the tools were first launched, gamers were able to build their own in-game races and deathmatch-style missions. A recent title update also added a new rule set, giving players the chance to design unique capture missions

In addition to the release of the capture creator patch, the game also recently received the High Life Update which added new vehicles, apartments, weapons, and clothes. Furthermore, the latest content patch also brought the ability for fans to own two properties at the same time inside GTA Online. There is still one more update planned to release later this spring which will introduce online co-op heist missions that will finally let fans take on the large-scale robberies of the game’s story-campaign alongside other players.

The GTA Online servers launched two weeks after the initial release of Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox 360 and PS3. With frequent title updates from Rockstar Games and user-generated content, fans regularly recent access to new things to do within the game.