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‘GTA 5’ PC and Mac ports discussed by Rockstar Games

‘GTA 5’ PC and Mac ports discussed by developer from Rockstar Games
‘GTA 5’ PC and Mac ports discussed by developer from Rockstar Games
Rockstar Games

“Grand Theft Auto 5” on PC and Mac has been discussed by a developer from Rockstar Games. According to a report from Uber Gizmo on Feb. 7, John Diaz was initially asked if the open-world action-adventure video game would ever be released for computers. He answered by saying that his company won’t be announcing the PC port for “GTA 5” until they felt that it would be able to meet expectations in terms of “level of quality.” You can take a look at his statement below:

Until they are ready for you guys to the level of quality that you guys expect and that we expect from ourselves. These views are my own.

Another fan also asked if “Grand Theft Auto 5” is heading to the Mac platform. Although he did not provide a specific answer, John Diaz stated that he knows that many users of the Apple family of computers are “hungry gamers.” You can find “GTA 5” screenshots in the slideshow to the left of the article and the comments from the developer below:

Do believe there are hungry gamers on that platform. I wonder how many Mac users are also #GTA fans?

Rockstar North is working on several DLC packs for the single-player campaign and “GTA Online” multiplayer gameplay modes of “Grand Theft Auto 5.” The development team is also releasing new patches to fix several issues such as the rampant cheating and exploits.

As a result, “GTA 5” on PC and Mac may be put on the back-burner as Rockstar North is focusing on the PS3 and Xbox 360 iterations that were released last year in the North American region.

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