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‘GTA 5’ fan finds new and unique way to play ‘GTA Online’

A “GTA 5” fan has discovered a new unique way to play “GTA Online.” According to a report from Vice on Jan. 20, Christopher Murrie disclosed that he has been playing the multiplayer as a “war photographer.”

‘GTA 5’ fan finds new way to play ‘GTA Online’
Rockstar Games

The player was able to follow others around by using the passive viewing feature. He was able to take his virtual profession even further by wearing clothing with the word “Media” on the back. Furthermore, he tries to use a news van if possible. You can check out some of his in-game shots, as well as several other screens from “GTA 5,” in the slideshow gallery located to the left side of this article. His comments can be found below:

I should add that my character is wearing camo pants, a black jacket with 'MEDIA' printed across the back, and a helmet. I try very hard to find and use the WEZL News van [GTA's parody of Fox News] to drive to the hot spots to take pictures.

Christopher Murrie also talked a little bit about interacting with other players. Although most immediately get what he is trying to do, a few members of the community also tried to run him over and over again. He also created a crew called “Media Lens” to share his passion with other similar individuals. The fan does have a history with working in media as he is a filmmaker that previously worked on the “Coraline” and “ParaNorman” animated movies.

Up to 16 players can participate in the various modes of “GTA Online.” The multiplayer for “GTA 5” was released on Oct. 1st of last year in North America and other regions.

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