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‘GTA 5’ DLC assassinations, ‘GTA Online’ heists and more updates posted

‘GTA 5’ PS3 and Xbox 360 screenshots
‘GTA 5’ PS3 and Xbox 360 screenshots
Rockstar Games

New “Grand Theft Auto 5” DLC updates have been posted by Rockstar Games. According to a report from Video Gamer on Feb. 27, the publisher stated that more information should be announced soon in regards to the previously-announced cooperative heists and capture creator update for “GTA Online.”

Furthermore, the single-player campaign of “GTA 5” is also getting new missions. Rockstar Games revealed that new assassination and flight school activities will be added through the downloadable content expansions. The company previously disclosed that the development team would be releasing DLC to the single-player mode that will continue the story of Franklin, Michael and Trevor.

A majority of the downloadable content expansions so far have been focused on “GTA Online.” Although all of the updates have been free, Rockstar Games did hint that some of the future DLC packs would come with a fee.

“GTA 5” managed to sell 32.5 million units across the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles after being released on Sept. 17th of last year. Around 70 percent of the players went on to play “GTA Online,” which launched on Oct. 1st in 2013. With no major titles announced so far in 2014, the company is betting on the continued success of the fifth main installment of the “Grand Theft Auto” series with a robust offering of new DLC expansions.

You can find a set of screenshots from the multiplatform open-world video game in the gallery embedded to the left-hand side of this article.