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‘GTA 5’ DLC assassination and flight school missions release date window listed

Rockstar Games

The latest set of “Grand Theft Auto 5” DLC may have a release date window. According to a report from Gameranx on March 6, the new assassination and flight school missions are expected to be made available sometime later this month for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of “GTA 5.”

In the campaign mode, players can take on a handful of assassination missions. If successful, each kill will dramatically change the in-game stock market, which could result in a big payout for the three main characters of the story. In flight school, Franklin and Michael can learn the basics of controlling several aircrafts in addition to skydiving.

Although Rockstar Games announced that both new types of missions would be added to the single-player portion of “GTA 5,” Gameranx speculates that the same DLC packs should also be made available in the “GTA Online” mode. Most of the expansions release so far, include the recently-released business-themed update, are related to the multiplayer side of the open-world action-adventure video game.

The new assassination and flight school missions are expected to be free, according to the same source that provided the release date window. You can find a set of screens showcasing some of the “GTA 5” DLC released so far with the slideshow gallery located to the left side of this article.