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'GTA 5' developer could be preparing for 'GTA Online' heist release

'GTA Online'
'GTA Online'
Photo courtesy of Rockstar Games, used with permission

The "GTA Online" heist release could be announced soon. According to a report from Cinema Blend on June 7, Rockstar North is currently performing server maintenance on the multiplayer mode of "GTA 5." During this time, players may not be able to play online and have access to the various network features.

Cinema Blend believes that the latest round of maintenance is done in preparation for the upcoming release of heists for "GTA Online." The much-requested featured was supposed to come out near the launch of the "GTA 5" multiplayer mode but ended up being delayed. Rockstar Games eventually revealed that it will be a part of three spring updates.

The first updated added the Capture Creator mode while the second one includes the High Life DLC pack. The latter introduce several new properties as players can possess more than one apartment after updating to the latest patch. A screen of the expansion pack can be seen on the top side of this article (courtesy of the official Twitter page of Rockstar Games).

The release of "GTA Online" heists should be coming via a patch update as well. Furthermore, Rockstar North may have to add some elements to the servers in order to add support for the cooperative missions. Hence, the development team had to take down the online elements. You can find out the details on the server maintenance from the Rockstar Support website.

Rockstar Games may be releasing the multiplayer heists for "GTA 5" later this month as the publisher has been launching one major pack for the multiplayer mode in every month starting with the St. Valentine's Day Massacre expansion in Feb. It was then followed by the Business DLC as well as the aforementioned Capture Creator and High Life launches. With the last day of the spring season being on June 20, the development team may be able to keep their promise on a spring release for the latest update.