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Grupo Falso Baiano brings a touch of Brazil to Jazz at the Chimes

Grupo Falso Baiano
Grupo Falso Baiano
Grupo Falso Baiano

Jazz at the Chimes has announced its next show, a March 16 performance by Grupo Falso Baiano. It’s the first concert of 2014 for the Oakland series. Here are the details.

The historic, architecturally stunning Chapel of the Chimes will be the backdrop for an uplifting musical journey to Brazil. Grupo Falso Baiano performs a blend of traditional Brazilian choro music with modern influences of jazz, flamenco and samba. Choro is Brazil’s first national music, born in the cafés of Rio in the late 1800s, and reflects the melding of Latin American and African rhythms with a melodic and harmonic structure most closely resembling Baroque Classical music. GFB's unique exploration of choro spans nearly 100 years, including everything from traditional to contemporary classics, as well as original arrangements and jazz-influenced reinterpretations.
Grupo Falso Baiano began as a trio in 2003 with members Brian Moran (seven-string guitar), Zack Pitt-Smith (reeds) and Ami Molinelli (percussion). GFB later evolved into a quartet when Jesse Appelman (mandolin) joined the lineup in 2006. The concert will be followed by a reception where the public can meet the musicians, purchase CDs and enjoy refreshments.

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