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Grumpy Cat on ‘American Idol’? Internet star unimpressed with reality show

Grumpy Cat
Photo by Jason Merritt

The “American Idol” fans might be concerned that the reality singing competition that was known to pump out singers and popular artists has gone to the cats. Apparently the dogs were not available and the first cat who offered to be part of the show was internet sensation Grumpy Cat. According to News OK on Wednesday the famous feline was on stage and ready to hear some music.

Does “American Idol” need celebrity ploys to keep the viewers coming back? Keep in mind everyone loves Grumpy Cat. There are thousands, if not millions, of memes on the web that offer a picture of the cat with some outrageous saying. However, the cat has nothing to do with music. In fact this cat hasn't even been seen on a piano top lounging on a YouTube video. Which makes everyone realize it was a seriously weird moment to get viewers to watch the show.

The show theme on Wednesday for "American Idol" was "A Little Bit Country and a Little Bit Rock 'n' Roll.” So how the cat fit into the theme isn't entirely known either. What did happen was some great music on stage and the six remaining contestants sang to win. That’s right there was plenty of fur flying for this competition (sorry, we couldn't help it.)

The Grumpy Cat has been paraded around to several of the shows in efforts to keep the cat in the spotlight. Also seen at the MTV Movie Awards, this cat walks the red carpets and offers up a sourpuss look every chance he gets. As fans know he has merchandise, books and even a movie coming out, but his presence is already getting to be a bit tiring.

The lackadaisical spirit of the Grumpy Cat definitely didn't rub off on the contestants on Wednesday night (thank goodness,) but there is still an elimination. Tune in to FOX on Thursday to find out America's choice for the top five contestants and see who goes home.

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