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Grumpy Cat is the newest feline sensation

If you have never laid eyes upon Grumpy Cat (actual name is Tardar Sauce), you are seriously missing out! Grumpy Cat is swiftly becoming even more popular than Morris the Cat; the latest internet flick showing this kitty celebrating her birthday with Friskies Party Mix treats!

Witness Grumpy cat's allure!

Yes, Grumpy Cat is actually a female feline. She just nicely turned two on April 4th. Despite her outward appearance, Grumpy Cat is actually a very calm kitty; very sweet, cute and cuddly and loves to be held and rubbed.

The little dwarf of a kitty became so popular when her photo was posted on Reddit when she was not quite six months old. Her unique look caused some people to believe that the photo had been altered with Photoshop, so Grumpy’s family posted some videos on the internet. Because of that, her popularity continued and she has now gained national recognition due to her appearing on ads for Purina’s Friskies and the like.

Although she does appear in advertisements and has videos posted about her, this kitty-cat is normal in every other sense of the word; just a family cat. She plays like her feline housemates and just loves being part of a family. Since she has such unique characteristics though, the public is drawn to her – especially since she has become such an internet sensation!

Surprisingly though, her family only needs to take photographs about every once a week or so. Grumpy/Tardar has had to travel on just a few occasions to meet with the media or the licensed partners that she represents, but her family takes her welfare into concern and makes certain that the photo sessions and meetings (albeit just a few) are short and they are present to be her handler to ensure that she is not passed from person to person which could really freak a cat out!

The best thing about this popular kitty is that her family will not be breeding her. Even though many people would love to have a kitty that resembles Grumpy Cat, the family suggests visiting a local rescue or shelter and selecting a kitty that would be right for your own family. They even go so far as to donate directly to shelters so they can help save some very worthy animals!

Grumpy Cat is quite popular – but to her family and friends, she is simply just the product of love between two of the family’s other kitties. They love her and are willing to share her – but only to the extent that it will not hurt their beloved feline!

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