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Grump Out Day 2014: Are you ready to take the 24 hour challenge?

Great American Grump Out Day
Great American Grump Out Day
Grumpy cat/Getty Images

Do you know what uniquely American holiday is coming this Wednesday, May 7? Here are a couple of hints, there will be no: whining, frowning, complaining, frustration or rolling of the eyes (or any other negative emotions you can think of), allowed for 24 hours! The holiday we are observing is Grump out Day, and according to Janice A. Hathy B.S., H.B. and the owner of Smile Mania’s, May 6 report, this year we are celebrating the 13th Annual National Grump Out Day.

During this holiday we are all supposed to refrain from, and stay clear of grumpiness for this period of time. Hathy, who deals in stress management believes that due to the September 11, terrorist attacks, there are more ‘grumps’ now than ever before, and that celebrating Grump Out Day is a way of reminding people to forget about being so cranky, short tempered, and well, dare we say down right grumpy!

This is all said tongue in cheek, but Hathy’s concern is not just for those who have a tendency towards grumpiness, but also for those who have to work with the “chronic grumps.” You know the type, they never seem to have a positive word to say about anyone or anything, the glass is always half empty, and so on and so on. Day after day, this kind stress can take its toll on you, especially if you are on the receiving end of the “grumps.”

The goals of Grump Out Day are simple: to help you better understand that there is a definite connection between stress, negative attitudes and your health, and to give ourselves permission to lighten up, have some fun, and be friendly and supportive to one another for 24 hours.

Here are some suggestions to help you achieve your goals this Grump Out Day. Take the day off of work, go for a walk outside, or head over to the park. When was the last time you actually sat in a swing? There is nothing more freeing than the feeling of soaring on a swing like you did when you were a child.

And last, but certainly not least, don’t forget the importance of a smile. A simple smile has been known to change the attitude of both the giver and the receiver. Having a hard time mustering up a smile, not to worry, the official fruit of this holiday is the banana, because if you hold it just right it resembles a smile.

Happy Grump Out Day, and to quote Mother Teresa, “Peace begins with a smile.”

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