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Grudge match: Vision Vodka vs. Grey Goose Vodka

Today we'll be resurrecting a series that has sat idle too long. In this pitting today, two premium vodkas are again going to do battle. Let the best spirit win.

Grudge Match:  Vision Vodka vs. Grey Goose Vodka-slide0

First thing's first, here's some background on both vodkas:

Vision Vodka

Vision is a new vodka produced by Ambition Beverages in Oregon. It features a distinctive aesthetic, no doubt due to the brand being driven by Society Awards, makers of many iconic awards and designs. This attention to detail gives a spirit that is both immediately approachable but infinitely luxurious. Vision, like a certain other super-premium vodka competing in this article, is produced from wheat. Where it differs is that it is 100% sourced from the US. The product is created using a proprietary purification process that lends the vodka a crisp character.

Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose is a brand of premium vodka that is distilled in the same Cognac commune of Charente, France that cognac brandy is created in. This particular brand of vodka uses French winter wheat from an area outside of Paris and is distilled in a column still akin to an American bourbon. It was the brainchild of Sidney Frank who originally intended to create a premium spirit for the American market. He ended up pricing Grey Goose much higher than his other competitors. His intention was to give the perception that his product was of a higher quality, similar to the "Chivas Regal effect". This variant has been dubbed the "Grey Goose effect." Unfortunately many feel that it has served as the inspiration that lead other vodkas being overpriced to create the same perception.

Now that some information on both brands has been established, let the bout begin.

Price: Vision Vodka is typically sold around $26 per Liter in Spec's stores all around Houston and is only sold in that size. Grey Goose is sold for $40 per liter in most stores around Houston.

Winner: Vision Vodka

Taste: Vision is a very smooth spirit that has a subtle sweetness, a grainy spice, and a crisp clean finish. Grey Goose is very neutral to the palate overall.

Winner: Vision Vodka

Aesthetics: Vision features one of the most beautiful and striking etched glass bottle designs in all of spirits today. The work of the elite design firm behind it really shows in every detail. Grey Goose's bottle also features the etched aesthetic but with a colorful winter scene visible in the background. Both feature replaceable cork caps.

Winner: Vision Vodka

Accolades: Grey Goose has won several prestigious awards. Vision vodka has not been on the market long enough at this time. I have no doubt it will have several soon.

Winner: Grey Goose by default

With all of the above tallied, Vision stomps Grey Goose in price, flavor profile, and in presentation. The clear winner here is Vision. By all means though, don't take me as gospel. Go out and try some yourself at the Smith St. Spec's location here in downtown Houston. Tell them I sent you.

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