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Grubs be gone!

By now, mid April, we Gardeners are desperate to plant. Do not let your childlike eagerness let you jump the gun. Most especially if you have seen the likes of those ugly little grubs.

My garden has finally had sod removed, and soil tilled. Yet, lo and behold I have grubs galore. Now many folks ignore these fellas when planting a garden but I warn you, if your grass turns brown and pulls up easily in July and August you likely have a grub infestation.

White grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles, June beetles, or masked chafer beetles. They cause damage to lawns by feeding on the roots of grass. However, when grubs are ignored in your garden you will see that plants just die or seeds never sprout.

In an effort to maintain complete organic growing methods, brief research was required. My research revealed the best answer to any grub infestation is NEMATODES: a roundworm.

"Nematodes naturally occur in soil and are used to control soil pest insects and whenever larvae or grubs are present. Beneficial nematodes only attack soil dwelling insects and leave plants and earthworms alone," (for more information see

Like all of the solutions I recommend, it is 100% Organic and will not expose humans or animals to any health or environmental risks.

You can find Nematodes for sale online. I purchased mine from the Home Depot. You will need a sprayer that you add the worms and water to and then attach to a garden hose. The nematode mixture sprays onto your garden and/or lawn just like fertilizer.

May you have continued patience.

Happy Gardening!

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