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Growth Nation hosts Kenyan visitors

Growth Nation hosts Sister City from Kenya in Scottsdale.
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International marketing firm Growth Nation ( recently hosted a delegation of business and government leaders from Uasin Gishu, Kenya which is a new sister city for Scottsdale, Arizona.

Business and economic discussions were kicked off by Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane. He welcomed the delegation to set the stage for more detailed discussions. After Lane spoke the sister city delegation leaders shared their story. Growth Nation’s Doug Bruhnke said after a couple of hours everyone had a better idea of where the touch points in business are. It is hoped participants will find many new growth opportunities in addition to educational and cultural connections. Bruhnke notes this proves the sister city program, started under President Eisenhower, is an important U.S. program.

“Just as in your business, growth begins with a conversation and some opportunities are better than others and they deserve greater attention,” Bruhnke writes in an e-newsletter.

Bruhnke writes that U.S. and Africa trade has declined a lot in the past decade while trade between China and Africa has increased dramatically. “It’s time for American companies to re-open conversations about Africa as the continent continues to grow in economic power,” writes Bruhnke. “The future is much closer than you think.”

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