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Grown up princess cake: Because we still dream of Prince Charming too

Putting together a grown up princess cake: Today's most popular princess (ok Duchess of Cambridge) Catherine
Putting together a grown up princess cake: Today's most popular princess (ok Duchess of Cambridge) Catherine

Every little girl longs to be a princess at some point in her youth. Those dreams sometimes linger into adulthood when we see images of current royal families, such as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: Prince William and Catherine.

Grownup princess cake
Tastefully Sinful representative

While we can’t offer you a royalty style, we can offer you a princess pull apart cupcake cake idea that is fit for any woman that still secretly harbors that little girl fantasy of prince charming. Make this grown up princess cake for your bestie's birthday and she will love you to the moon and back; furthermore, she will probably also scream "you rock"!

Why not throw a grown up princess party for you best gal pals?

Grown up princess pull apart cupcake cake


  • Around 30-34 cupcakes, preferably white cake
  • Pink butter cream frosting
  • Princess crown, wand, necklace, and rhinestone type belt (all found at your local dollar store)


  1. Make your cupcakes and cool completely
  2. Using a pastry bag fitted with a decorating tip of your preference, frost each cupcake in a uniform pattern so that all cupcakes match. The best way to make a floral pattern is to start your tip in the center with a little mound, then circle out from there until you've iced a flower that covers the top of the princess cupcake
  3. Arrange cupcakes in a dress pattern:
  • 6 cupcakes on bottom hem
  • 5 cupcakes on the next 2 lines up
  • 4 cupcakes on the next line up
  • 3 cupcakes on the level for the belt
  • 4 cupcakes on each line above belt and one or two on top layer

4. Decorate with crown, wand and other princess regalia

Additional Notes:

  • Your grown up princess cake doesn't have to be pink. Use whatever color is the favorite of the princess
  • Instead of the princess crown and wand from the dollar store, check your local craft store for their selection of beads and costume jewelry
  • Make sure to set up your grown up princess pull apart cupcake cake on a firm cake board of other firm foundation for easy moving without damage

Princess dreams don’t stop when little girls grow up. Even as adults, there are a lot of ladies out there that dream about their prince charming sweeping them off their feet. Surprise your besties with a grown up princess cake and watch their eyes light up!

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