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Growing resistance: Arizona advances nullification of federal gun laws

In many states, there are moves to enact legislation to nullify, at the state level, federal guns laws, ObamaCare, or other authoritarian legislation enacted against the will of the American public. This is part of a larger trend of growing political resistance to the authoritarian policies of the Obama Regime. In Arizona, State Senator Kelli Ward and either other legislative co-sponsors, have introduced the Second Amendment Preservation Act in the state legislature there.

Legislators seek nullification of federal gun laws and regulations in Arizona

Under the Second Amendment Preservation Act, any laws or regulations enacted federally that violate the Second Amendment will be considered legally “invalid and void” in Arizona. Additionally, any federal act, law, order, rule or regulation that relates to a personal firearm, firearm accessory or ammunition within the limits of this state” will not be enforced in the state of Arizona.

"We've sat back and allowed the federal government to trample the Constitution long enough," Senator Ward said. "We're going to pass this bill and stop the state of Arizona from helping the feds violate your rights."

Supporters see this legislation protecting Second Amendment rights in Arizona, and see other states enacting similar laws to stop federal authoritarian legislation in violation of the Bill of Rights in other states. As more states pass such laws, to stop federal legislation on a variety of issues that violate individual rights, this could grow into a larger movement of Bill of Rights enforcement at the state level.

"The federal government depends on state cooperation for almost everything it does," Tenth Amendment Center national communications director Mike Maharrey said. "This bill rips the rug out from under it. If Arizona passes the Second Amendment Preservation Act, it will make it very difficult for the feds to violate your right to keep and bear arms. And if multiple states pass this bill, it will effectively nullify federal violations of the Second Amendment. It's quite simple; you cannot say you support the Second Amendment and oppose this bill."

There is already a similar Second Amendment bill in the legislative process in Florida. In Georgia and South Carolina, conservative legislators are advancing legislation to nullify ObamaCare in their states.

Freedom Outpost reports such Bill of Rights Enforcement efforts in many states, “Within the past year, Tennessee, West Virginia, Texas, Alabama, Florida and Missouri have all pushed to nullify federal gun laws. Our own Publius Huldah has communicated quite clearly why any and all federal gun laws are unconstitutional.

It should be remembered that the Obama Regime went after the state of Arizona for it's attempts to enforce federal immigrations laws and secure the border in that state.

Additionally, Tim Brown, writing the article in Freedom Outpost, reminds us, “One has to think of the irony of this legislation, considering that Arizona was the state where the Obama administration was running guns from into the hands of Mexican drug cartels in the Fast and Furious operation.”

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