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Growing my dreams in our Quonset hut home in the desert of the White Mountains

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After living in this house, that was in the beginning without walls, for a year… I realize that the sounds come at the right time in the early season of crickets and kids. Across the acres, dogs follow their ears to ward off a less lonely future.

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At night when the windows are open and fabric flows into the early morning until day is lit up my bathroom, and the sun, summons me to rise not too late in the day: Talk comes through the walls until the sun resists the darkness and the pink sky darkens…one chirp and one bark will close me down for the day.

From the front porch answers come from the ravens in blackness that they can’t see; the wind that blows seeds in to the barren sections of earth where life needs to be reminded to take root.

Happy anniversary to my Quonset hut home in Arizona.