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Growing Mexican oregano in the herb garden

Mexican Oregano in bloom
Mexican Oregano in bloom

Mexican Oregano is in the lemon verbena family of herb plants and is native to Mexico. This oregano has a bit of a citrus scent underneath the scent of regular oregano. Mediterranean oregano is the variety most people use for cooking.

Growing herbs in your home garden assures you have fresh herbs at your fingertips. Growing several types of oregano provides you with a variety of flavors from the most pungent to a lighter, sweeter taste. Oregano can be used fresh or dried. You can cut and dry the oregano grown in your garden.

Mediterranean oregano is in the mint family and may be known as wild marjoram. It has the same pungent scent of all oregano plants. Different varieties of oregano can be sweet or have more of a peppery taste. Greek oregano is the most savory of the oreganos while Italian oregano has a milder scent and taste.

Oregano is used in many dishes throughout the world. Pizza is best known for the flavor of oregano however this herb can be used to flavor vegetables like broccoli and eggplant and is used in soups and pasta dishes.