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Growing fresh green onions in your windowsill even in colder climates

Having access to local fresh vegetables can be a challenge if you live in colder climates. Growing your own winter greens are an easy way to eat fresh vegetables and may be easier than you think.

An easy vegetable to start with is a green onion. Start by purchasing a "starter" set at the store --green onions in the produce section with some root still attached. You can continue propagating and growing from an initial purchase all winter long.

After buying your green onions, chop off the greens and use them in your favorite dish. Save the bulbs with the root attached. Place the bulbs in a glass with water that covers the bulb and sit it in a windowsill. While a South-facing windowsill is ideal, you can also grow them successfully in non-sunny windows.

Every two days, rinse off the bulbs and change the water. Within 24 hours, you'll see new green shoots appear. Once the greens grow out again, cut them off and use in a recipe, save the bulb and start over again. The same bulb can produce greens over and over again, all winter long.

Young green onion tops are a good source of Vitamin A, C and K. Green onion tops can add a zippy flavor to salads -- such as the sweet potato and green onion salad in the video -- and stir fry.

You can find green onions to start your windowsill glass vegetable garden at most major grocers. If you live locally, they can also be found at Bloomingfoods Co-op.


Nutrition Source: SELF Nutrition Data

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