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Growing coleus and impatiens in a container

Coleus and Impatients in a container
Coleus and Impatients in a container

Impatiens and Coleus are annual flowers. Annual flowers are grown only for one season. They die with the first freeze of the fall.

Coleus and Impatiens plants grow equally well in the ground and in pots. Placed together in a pot they create a wonderful display all summer. When you have a rainy season they benefit from the natural watering. If you have a dry spell it will take close monitoring and watering to keep your plants healthy and looking beautiful.

Coleus plants come in so many different colors and the leaves can be curly or flat. The patterns on the leaves can be mottled or the leaf can be edged in a different color. You can find a color combination to match other plants in your flower bed or the seating on your patio. Coleus can grow 10 to 12 inches up to two feet high.

Impatiens plants are a low growing annual that also comes in many different colors. For this container complementary colors were chosen. The plants have enjoyed the rainy, warm, humid temperatures of this season. Most of the time they struggle when there is not enough rain and the sun is hotter than usual.