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Growing an Apple Gazebo

Apple Gazebo
Apple Gazebo
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One of the most interesting types of gazebos you can have in your yard is as natural as can be - an apple gazebo. They are very inexpensive, especially if you start with young apple saplings. Wooden gazebos can cost up to several thousands and need maintenance every few years. If you are willing to have a little patience, then going apple may be the way for you.

Pick out eight (8) apple trees of your choice, keeping in mind if you use a mixture of trees, try to keep them in the same growth range as far as height, width and watering needs go. After picking your trees, you will want to place them in an 18-foot circle, planting the trees evenly around the circle.

As the trees begin to grow, you need to prune off any off-shoots and let the main branches entwine to form a natural canopy overhead. By planting chamomile (which smells like apple blossoms) inside the 18-foot circle, you will end up with a beautiful carpet with a lovely fragrance filling the air.

By placing a picnic table or swing in the center of the circle, in a few years, you will be covered with a natural canopy and the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of lemonade on a hot summer evening.