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Growing a garden with kids

School Garden Guide
School Garden Guide
MN Dept. of Agriculture

Growing gardens with kids isn’t new but the approach has been changing. It used to be, at least when I was a kid, that our only job in the garden was to weed. A job I didn't enjoy... at the time! Now, gardening with kids is an experience to be savored as much as the food we harvest.

From home gardens to neighborhood gardens to school gardens, it's not just about the weeding. It's about the soil, the seeds, the nutrients and the needs of growing healthy plants. And now, Minnesota teachers have an exciting new resource for planning, planting and harvesting a school garden with their students.

But wait, there's more! This downloadable guide, bursting with delicious ideas, is great for anyone to use. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has published the new comprehensive garden guide: Minnesota School Gardens: A Guide to Gardening and Plant Science. There are fun lessons you can take part in or not but also some great ideas to create kid-friendly gardens. Some notables are how to create a spaghetti and sauce garden. How about a pizza garden or a hamburger garden?

There fun facts dispersed throughout the well over 200 pages. Did you know that carrots have a higher natural sugar content than all other vegetables except beets? There are valuable lessons on how plants impact our lives from food to fuel, beauty to oxygen. With a number of resource websites listed. Included, of course, is a planting guide of when to plant seeds indoors or out and when to plant seedlings such as tomatoes and peppers outdoors.

There’s information about types of gardens from raised beds to containers to hydroponics. Oh and there are theme garden ideas such as an Ethnic garden or a Garbage Garden using discarded plant parts to propogate new plants. Check out information on food safety, nutrition and recipes. This is, obviously a great resource for teachers but also for Master Gardeners, parents, or anyone who wants to learn more about the science of gardening as well as the enjoyment! Be sure to check out my website Garden Bite with Teri Knight and find me on Facebook. Listen for my 2 minute radio feature distributed throughout Minnesota from Wadena to Rochester, Ortonville to the Twin Cities!