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Grow your list with your book

If you want to sell more books, use your book to grow a list of readers before and after the book is published. The suggestions below can be used whether your book is fiction or non fiction, and regardless of whether you are focusing on local Long Beach readers or readers from around the country or the world.

Before your book is published
As you work on your book, you can share the process you are going through with your blog readers. While you're doing that, encourage them to join your email list and share even more with your subscribers.

For example, several years ago an author wrote his novel in real time using a specially created Yahoo! Groups board. Every week, he posted the latest chapter, as well as a few notes about his experience of the process.

Readers responded well to the experience of following along with the process and he was not only able to grow his list of fans, but also gained the interest of a publisher.

Regardless of what type of book you are writing, you can use this model to grow your list. All you’ll need is a blog, an autoresponder program and a way to get the word out about your project. Back then, this author used word-of-mouth through ezines. Today, you can use the power of social media to get people excited about your project.

After the Book Is Published
The marketing may start before your book is published, but it doesn't end until you're just plain tired of selling that book! Once your book is published, there are several ways you can do to use it to grow your list. Here are just some of the techniques:

  • Use a free chapter as your opt-in bonus.
  • Create videos based on topics or chapters in your book and post them to YouTube and Facebook. Include at the end of each video a call to join your list in exchange for a desirable opt-in bonus.
  • Book speaking gigs based on your book. These can be talks on background information or even book readings. Sometime during these talks, give people an incentive for joining your list.
  • Go on a virtual (or physical) book tour.
  • Conduct a blog tour.
  • Get interviewed on radio and/or TV shows.
  • Conduct a fun contest for an autographed copy of your book.

Be creative. Use the research you did to create your book to help you grow your list. And remember, even if your book is published by a big New York publishing house, you will need to market your book and yourself. Growing your list is the best way to do this!

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