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Grow Music Project posts first 'Session Diaries' with Star and the Sea

Star and the Sea are the first band to be featured in Grow Music Project's 'Session Diaries' series.
press photo/ Workman Entertainment

The Grow Music Project released the first video in their monthly behind the scenes series on Thursday, February 6.

Episode one of ‘GMP •The Session Diaries’ stars New York jazz-infused indie rockers Star and the Sea as they work on their single, “Captain and the Map.” The video breaks down everything that went down while recording the song, particularly how the song came together and how it changed as the session when on. “The way I first approached “Captain and the Map” when I was recording a demo in a studio was more of a surf-rocky kind of vibe, very free-flowing and Calypso-y,” says singer Dominique Star in the video about the song’s progress. “But then we came here and started working with Chris (Tyng, creator of the Grow Music Project), he came up with this brilliant combination that, once he said it, I was like, “that’s exactly what I want,” and that’s the vibe that I should have gone with from the beginning; a combination of French chanteuse, 50s pop music, and a more indie-rock combination, which I’ve never heard done.”

Star and the Sea is the project of New York indie-rocker Dominique Star. “I would describe the sound of Star and the Sea as a combination of my wild imagination, and fun pop music, and dreams,” says Dominique in the video.

The Grow Music Project was created by composer/producer Chris Tyng in 2013 as a way to give back to the music community and help independent artists. As Tyng describes in my recent interview with him, “The Grow Music Project is a launch pad that supports emerging independent bands and artists who we believe deserve to reach a wider audience.” Once an artist is chosen for the project, Tyng works with them in his state-of-the-art studio for a three day session, producing a high quality recording of their best song for the artist to use as they see fit to serve their career.

The project has already gone through two successful rounds of musicians, with Star and the Sea being one of the first bands chosen. Submissions for the project are currently open and are being chosen on a rolling basis.

Watch the first installment of ‘GMP • The Session Diaries’ with Star and the Sea on YouTube now. New episodes come out once a month. For more about Star and the Sea, and to hear more music, visit the band’s Facebook page. To learn more about the Grow Music Project, visit their website.

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