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Grow eyelashes with castor oil

Castor Oil, Castor Oil

It's no secret most every woman desires long, luscious eyelashes. To enhance what you may already have there’s hundreds of varieties of mascara that claim to make eyebrows thicker or appear 50% longer. Then there are also false eyelashes (falsies) that can be applied for bigger eyelashes with glue. Well, if you don’t want to wear gunky mascara or apply glue to your eyelid going the au naturale route may work for you.

Castor oil has been used since ancient times for a number of healthy skin and hair benefits. Typically, individuals will apply castor oil to the roots of their hair and proclaim wonders of thicker and longer hair. That being said, why wouldn’t it work for other ‘hair’ on the body? To get on the road of achieving thicker, longer eyelashes all you need is castor oil and an empty mascara container. Pour your castor oil in the empty mascara bottle and apply to eyelashes before bed.

Overall, you want to purchase your castor oil from a health food store to ensure you are using the right kind. For your mascara bottle/wand simply clean out an old one you may have lying around or purchase one from eBay or Amazon. Castor oil has no side effects and expect results in about a month but can vary from person to person.

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