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Grow crops through concrete

The beginning of seeding season
The beginning of seeding season
Emily Bajko

If you are looking to grow crops literally through concrete, g(r)aze no further. Growing Power, a national nonprofit organization, is a committed group helping the hands of others learn the valuable trade of growing crops regardless of location.

In Chicago alone, there are over 12 acres of land dedicated to this cause. Most of which are located right within the city’s walls. Serving communities of the food desert (areas that lack grocery stores and access to healthy and nutritious foods) by and with one simple goal: ‘to grow food, to grow minds, and to grow community.’ And as the old saying goes, give a man a fish; he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish; he’ll eat for a lifetime.

Cultivating sustainability is a powerful thing. Doing it in some of Chicago’s most cemented areas is even better. Grow; bloom; thrive, three essential ingredients in each Growing Power project. Once all of the seeds are planted, the main focus is on blooming.

In order for the seeds to blossom, the individuals, families, and groups responsible for them need to bloom too! Fostering this development becomes possible due to the rich atmospheres provided, hands-on demonstrations, and on-site workshops. Plus, there are educational activities for all age groups.

Now mind you, this group is not actually making green spring-like organisms bust through the sidewalk, but they do offer a much more valuable alternative.