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Groupon Alexander Hamilton: Groupon messes up history in honor of Presidents Day

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Groupon would like us to know that “President” Alexander Hamilton is responsible for the money saving site’s recent markdowns. Hamilton on the other hand, reportedly said in response: “I’ll bet you ten bucks I was never a President.”

CNN on Sunday threw out a tongue-in-cheek caution: “Beware learning American history through Groupon promotions.”

It seems the folks at Groupon are discounting history this time, to go along with their price cuts on goods and services.

Groupon’s advertisement Friday was titled, “Groupon Celebrates Presidents Day by Honoring Alexander Hamilton,” and urged users of the site to “Commemorate a man historically powerful enough to be on money with $10 towards $40 on a local purchase while they last.”

Fantastic, but although Hamilton was a founding father, played a key role in writing the Constitution, was chief of staff to General George Washington and was our first Treasury Secretary, he was never a President.

He is however, on our "sawbucks" -- the U.S. ten dollar bill.

But what’s a minor detail when it comes to combining coupons and Presidents? Even on Sunday, Groupon had yet to correct their error.

Sunday’s Groupon's press page said: "The $10 bill, as everyone knows, features President Alexander Hamilton – undeniably one of our greatest presidents and most widely recognized for establishing the country's financial system."

Now, as “everybody knows,” Groupon needs some refreshing when it comes to history.



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