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Grouper swallows shark: Viral video shows one gulp dinner by sea creature

The fish that got away is nothing in comparison to the fish that swallowed it whole! Fishermen off the coast of Bonita Springs, Florida have a very legitimate big fish story today and it was all caught on video.

A Goliath Grouper swallowed a shark whole as fishermen stood by shocked at what they just witnessed. This is a file photo of a grouper, just to show you how big they grow!
YouTube screen shot

The Atlantic Journal on Aug. 21 reports how this deep sea fishing trip turned into “quite the spectacle for these guys.” When a group of fishing buddies hooked a shark about four feet long, they knew that had something special to reel in, so one guy got out the camera to document this anticipated feat.

As the shark was being wrangled in, a giant creature appeared under the surface of the water, not too far from the struggling shark on the hook. To get a better look at this creature, they put the camera in the water in hopes of capturing an image of just what was lurking beneath, reports Mail Online today.

The giant fish was thought to be a Goliath Grouper and it was getting closer to the catch of the day, still struggling on the end of the fisherman's line. As seen in the video above the fishermen are trying to get the shark close enough to the boat so they can cut it loose off the end of the line.

This apparently was not in the cards for this shark as this grouper gets closer to the struggling shark, which is now facing death by humans or death by the ocean predator closing in from behind.

What the grouper did next made it very apparent it wasn’t just hanging around out of curiosity, it was looking for dinner. The beast of the ocean came up on the shark, opened its large gaping mouth and swallowed the shark whole.

You can hear the fishermen on the video expressing their shock over witnessing something like this. “Wooooooooooooow! Oh my God! Oh my God did he just eat it!”

As Mail Online suggests, this video is without a doubt some food for thought. You never know what is lurking beneath the ocean’s surface.

That is a twist on the frequent story told by avid fishermen worldwide of the fish that got away. It got away only because it became dinner to a bigger fish! You can hear the fishermen on the video when they realized that the shark had only moments before it was devoured by this monster of the sea. The mammoth grouper took a big gulp in the ocean and swallowed the four-foot shark.

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