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Group: U.S. poses Olympic-size threat to Russia

RUSSIAN BEAR: Military analysts say the U.S. is playing into Vladimir Putin's hands.
RUSSIAN BEAR: Military analysts say the U.S. is playing into Vladimir Putin's hands.
Photo by Marianna Massey

The Izborsk Club, a group of influential Russian military and intellectual strategists, warns that the United States is stoking a crisis in the East.

And it’s no Olympic game in Sochi.

"The situation is approaching … a hotbed of instability and chaos on Russia's borders. This represents a civilizational aggression by the West, headed by the United States, against Russia,” Izborsk declared last week.

Noting the ongoing unrest in Ukraine, Izborsk sees a half-dozen threats to Russia:

1. "Rejection of the presence of the Russian Armed Forces in Crimea, including at Sevastopol as the base of the Russian Federation's Black Sea Fleet."

2. "Expanded partnership of Ukraine with NATO and the appearance of U.S. and NATO bases in Ukraine, including Crimea."

3. "Purges of pro-Russian forces in ... Ukraine, leading to a flood of refugees into the Russian Federation."

4. "Annihilation of manufacturing capacities ... which do contract work for the Russian military-industrial complex."

5. "Establishment in eastern Ukraine of bases for training terrorists, who will begin to operate both in the Caucasus and in the Volga Basin, and possibly also Siberia."

6. "Extension of 'Euromaidan' techniques into major Russian cities, especially in ethnically defined constituent
territories of the Russian Federation."

Matthew Ogden, of the U.S. political group, LaRouche PAC, reports that Izborsk urges a conference to ensure the sovereignty of Ukraine. The parties would include Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain and the United States.

Ogden added, “They say in the event of refusal of one of the parties to take part in such a conference, Russia should enter into direct talks with Washington … as a way of bilaterally resolving the strategic crisis in Ukraine, and avoiding the outbreak of war.”

Paul Craig Roberts, writing in Foreign Policy Journal, doubts that the U.S. can be an honest broker.

“Insouciant Americans are paying no attention and have no idea that a handful of neoconservative ideologues are pushing the world toward destruction,” Roberts wrote last week.

Americans are, however, treated to daily media diatribes – big and small – against Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin.

Taking decades-old Cold War rhetoric out of the freezer, Western jingo journalists criticize Moscow for failing to promote human rights (especially gay rights) while crooked politicians bloviate about the wonders of Western-style "democracy." (No doubt, they're big Pussy Riot fans.)

In response, leaders of Russia’s revivified Orthodox Church assail the secular West for waging war on Christianity and supplanting traditional moral codes with Godless pluralism. (This isn't your father's USSR, comrade.)

Ogden says U.S. and Russian cooperation is crucial to global peace.

“It was called to my attention that right after World War II, Marshal Zhukov, who was the Hero of Stalingrad, said to General Eisenhower that ‘If the United States and Russia would only stand together through thick and thin, if we are partners, there are no other countries in the world that would dare to go to war when we forbade it.’”

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