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Group Slams NYC Horse Carriage Industry

Horse Drawn Carriages
Horse Drawn Carriages

NEW YORK CITY, New York - Animal advocacy organization Global Conservation Group sent a letter to all 51 New York City Council members asking them to "take a firm stance against the horse carriage industry" in their district.

Momentum in New York is increasingly growing to abolish the horse carriage industry due to animal cruelty concerns and human safety and traffic issues. Horses frequently collapse and die in the streets while pulling carriages; death often results from negligent care of the animals, heat stroke, stress and lack of veterinary care.

In the letter to city council members, Global Conservation Group says "Aside from obvious animal cruelty and neglect issues, horses and heavy city traffic can be a deadly mix for people too. Most horses are not comfortable working among cars and trucks, and many accidents, injuries, and even deaths—to horses and humans—result from horses who have become “spooked” in traffic."

In addition, it went on to say "Because they [the horses] are constantly walking and standing on hard streets, “lameness and hoof deterioration are inevitable” in horses who pull carriages, says veterinarian Holly Cheever.

People around the world are increasingly recognizing that it’s the carriage industry—not just the horses—taking them for a ride. We ask that you take a firm stance against the horse carriage industry in your district."

New York City's Mayor de Blasio has stated his opposition to the horse carriage industry and is working to pass a ban.