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Group Seeks to Have NFL’s Tax-Exempt Status Revoked

Now that the country is in the middle of a major deep freeze and winter storms in much of America's highways and byways, we have the NFL playoffs going on in many places that are affected by the cold weather. With our hometown team, the Tennessee Titans out of the NFL playoffs we turned out attention to some other things having to do with the NFL.

We were not aware that the NFL was a tax-exempt organization until we saw the attached video titled 'Group Seeks to Have NFL’s Tax-Exempt Status Revoked'. We certainly don't know why this group was granted a tax exempt status to start with (in the 1960's when it was first organized), but we see there is now a group which is seeking to have the tax exempt status removed for the NFL organization.

With the NFL paying it's 5 top executives something like $60 million between them, it certainly might be time to take a look at this situation and see why the NFL should or should not continue to be considered tax-exempt.

In between talking about the current NFL playoffs and the winter storms, please leave us a comment in the spaces below to let us know your feelings on this matter. Did you know they were tax-exempt? Should they continue to be tax-exempt?

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