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Group’s Easy VBS for 2015 is Everest

At Everest, Kids will "overcome obstacles with God's awesome power."
At Everest, Kids will "overcome obstacles with God's awesome power."
Group Publishing

Everest: Conquering Challenges with God’s Mighty Power is Group Publishing’s 2015 Easy VBS. As the name implies, the theme is mountain climbing and invites kids to “embark on an icy expedition” where they “overcome obstacles with God’s awesome power.”

The five daily Bible stories include God providing for Elijah, God speaking to Elijah, the healing of Naaman, the death of Jesus, and Jesus’ promise of eternal life. The Bible points for each day are that God has the power to provide, to comfort, to heal, to forgive, and to love us forever. The Everest animal buddies are a snow leopard, a marmot (large squirrel), a bar-headed goose, a markhor (wild goat), and a Himalayan brown bear. Bible Memory Buddies tags are available for each day with an Everest buddy on the front and the daily Bible verse on the back.

All the kids start the day together singing classic worship songs along with new praise songs. Then they travel in small groups to various activities such as science fun, games, snacks, and videos. There is a separate preschool program and a mission project from Operation Kid-to- Kid which provides age-appropriate Bibles to children in Thailand. The theme song “My God Is Powerful” can be downloaded from the website and you can listen to samples of the other nine songs.

There are also free online tools such as V.B.S. Pro which helps leaders to promote and organize their VBS as well as register participants and volunteers. In previous years, the online resources have included a decorating booklet you can download as well as pictures and videos about decorating.

The Ultimate Starter Kit comes with everything you need to start planning your program including the director guide and leader manuals. It also has student resource samples, volunteer resources, and a catalog with program products and media tools. The Ultimate Starter Kit sells for $174.99 and ships starting in December 2014.