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Group plans to discredit and crash the tea parties



  • Lorraine Yapps Cohen, Jewelry Examiner 6 years ago

    Another articulate article, Michael. Your words speak the honesty, accuracy, and enlightenment of the values real Americans hold dear. Based on the Constitution, the rights and freedoms therein, Tea Partiers wish only to restore principles the founding fathers established for America. The current administration cares nothing for them, only in aggrandising power, your hard-earned dollars, and control over everybody.

  • mike 6 years ago

    Democrats will stoop to an all time low for their actions.

  • George 6 years ago

    The Tea Party movement is a peace demonstration of concerned people that are tired of being taxed by bigger and bigger govt. You can feel free to protest this, That your first ammendment right. However, your movement will be squashed because your cause is not just. The Tea Party ideals of smaller govt. and lower taxes, and Govt. listening to the will of the people will not end. You are the homophobes afraid of the power of a free willed grassroots movement. You will lose.

  • Pat 6 years ago

    The tea party is made up of nothing but people who have no clue on how to run the country and don't really care, expect that they not be taxed. They are greedy people only interested in "their one lives" and money in their pocket. Funny how they think nothing of how much money a simple minded opportunist like Sarah Palin gets for her speeches but complain about taxes. They are first ones that want everything for free.

  • Leo 6 years ago

    Tea Partiers are not just racists, they are "livid racists".

  • Patti 6 years ago

    Just think how much better the world would be if they took all the energy, waving flag, Sarah Palin adoration and put it into some really good causes, God know how many there and they would see what really makes the world a better place. It's not all about "them".

  • Patti 6 years ago

    The tea partiers will destroy themselves.

  • Fred 6 years ago

    This should be more widely publicized so as anything, anything at all, that casts the Tea Party in a poor light can be blamed on the hate group "Crash The Tea Party". That will fly.

  • Tea Party Queen 6 years ago

    The crashers are outnumbered by tea partiers, even on their own website which is a joke.

    Most of us have police reinforcements in place to eject these fools from our peaceful rallies on the 15th.

  • Len 6 years ago

    LOL, Tea Party "racists"? Here is a post from one of the saviors on Crash the Tea Party site.

    "i just had some craker trol tell me i aint even a blackman
    the blackman build the nation with toil and sweat while witey
    sit on the porch drink tea and we gone take back what be ours you hear me crackers
    racict trols need to get offa this sight and dont come back"

    or this one,

    "i got youre moma down in the 5ward turn tricks and when she give me disrepsect i smack that ho
    i got hos all on the street if somethings need clean my hos do it
    you a cracker an a racict and i smack you like a ho witey'

    you all big talking smack on here but i see youre ass in one them teaparty i put a shank in youre ass
    you all big talk smack about barrack but he the president of the natoin and you cant do nothin you cracker trol"

    Who's a racist? Thank you iwantpie for sharing the position of the Crash the Tea Party anit-movement.

  • Len 6 years ago

    Oh, don't forget to browse the site for all the other enlightening quips. I especially like the two guys in oral sex.

    What a class site!

  • SAM 6 years ago

    I wonder why so many on the left are critical of the Tea Party protests, it seems to be more than just diagreeing with the basis of the Tea Party movement. Could it be that protesting has been their territory for so many years, that they feel thretened by the momentum of the Tea Party? I find it enlightening that so many average Americans have come together to voice their concerns about the direction this country is taking. The Tea Party movement is truely a cross section of Americans from all political backgrounds. Maybe that is what scares the left. Even if they don't have the same ideals, they should respect the constitutional right to protest in peace, as the right has for years, instead of trying to sabatoge a movement supported by so many.

  • Sam 6 years ago

    "If the tea party is a manifestation of such desperately fringe irreprehensible behavior, why would there be any need for an organized sabotage of their message?" - Plenty of other perversions have thrived in Washington for years. The Tea Party is just another manifestation of bored republicans looking for another reason to curse because they lost a race. Just as Mike Rosen had said, "Perhaps you should just regroup and understand that you've lost again (whether it's healthcare or presidential) and create a BETTER system that people will believe in, instead of belittling the other side."
    "the attack on conservative principles should be seen as a compliment, and a barometer for our success." - No doubt the British should be flattered by our original tea party and revolution as we attacked their principles.

  • .. 6 years ago

    You're all loosers. The grown ups in this county will have to clean up after all of you.

  • SAM 6 years ago

    The Tea Party is a regrouping because we lost the last election, and we do not want to lose many other American rights and freedoms. The tea party is not a bunch of board republicans, it is made up of concerned citizens that do not like the direction this administration is taking our country. The Tea Party wants to keep the basic principles that this country was founded on, the principles that have made it the best country in the world since it's conception.

  • John Toussaint 6 years ago

    The Tea Party movement is nothing but a bunch of Racist whites
    who can't stand to see a Black man as President of this Country.I
    would like to know where were they when Bush was putting this
    country finacial disray?they are the KKK without Hoods!!thats all
    to it.

  • Jeff 6 years ago

    @John Toussaint

    Race Bait, much?

  • Tony 6 years ago

    ya right lol..This is just a very clever move ( SPY vr. Spy )
    I'm sure the "Crash the Tea Party" movement was made up BY the
    Tea Party.. To cover up the real Racist,Bigots ect. that are surely there.......... good luck to all the SHEEP

  • Kevin 6 years ago

    @Tony and @John, I guess when you live off of a gov't check and don't have to work for a living and actually live off of the taxes working people have to pay to support your laziness, then it is probably easy to call the group(s) that support the constitution a bunch of racists, liars etc. Quit listening to the state-run media and pay attention to what is going on around you. Your freedoms and liberties are at stake.

  • Theresa Navarra, Denver Roman Catholic Examiner 6 years ago

    Thanks for the heads up, Michael. I appreciate your work. My family and friends are looking forward to this continuing stand for America. I guess they finally figured out that we aren't going away and we're not going to shut up...and we're growing :)

  • Wood 6 years ago

    When the opposition has nothing of value to say and cannot argue based on facts, they always bring up the race issue. This race baiting only serves the evil ones in power now and the idiots who elected them. Here's an idea...stop picking the pockets of those who have made better choices than you, and get to work. Stop enslaving the producers, race baiters and Obama voters!

  • John 6 years ago

    The most effective way to deal with the Partycrashers is to bring a sign which reads "DEMOCRAT PLANT" and an arrow pointing either left or right. Then stand at the appropriate side of the "racist" and make it impossible (or difficult)for the media to show the one without the other. Or you could make the arrow point down and stand behind the guy, but that would wear MY arms out, so I'm going for one side or another.

  • dubyawho 6 years ago

    I've been to some tea party events, talked to these people, and did my own fact checking. 99% of the people in the Tea Party movement aren't racist. Contrary to what the left has been screaming.

    I could care less about your skin color. I care about how you are destroying this country. Period.

  • TheTruth 6 years ago

    Even Nancy Pelosi says she shares views with the tea party movement. Look it up if you don't believe me.

  • TheTruth 6 years ago

    For what it's worth, there is currently a US senator who has continued to use the n-word throughout his life and on the floor of the US Senate. He's admitted his membership in the KKK as a "kleagle" and recruiter.

    Who is this man and why hasn't he been run out of the Senate? Glad you asked. He's the grand old man of the Senate, third in the line of succession to the presidency and a Democrat, Sen. Robert Byrd. Nobody knows why he wasn't run out of office a long time ago.

  • Alicia 6 years ago

    I'm taken back by the ignorance of some people, no matter the color of their skin nor their level of education. Us Tea Party Patriots are exercising our right to gather and protest. Why do these do nothing, government employees, kool aid drinkers have such a hard time defending our rights, while they insist on exercising theirs? I'm a Puerto Rican Woman, raised in the Bronx, Prior Service Army, Business Owner!!! And yes, I don't want to financially support grown folks who can get out there and the same as I or better. Yes, I do resent all those who wait at home for the government to take care of them with other working peoples money. See you all at the Tea Part, and if you feel frogy JUMP!

  • Wendy 6 years ago

    Wow! They're just like the Muslim terrorists who orchestrated 9/ amongst the people, becoming one of them. Interesting....go study Saul some more and be a little bit more original. We can spot you kool aid drinking lefty frauds a mile away!

  • Gail 6 years ago

    Patti & John...get over yourselves.

  • Rick 6 years ago

    The answer is simple. And it is here:

  • therealdeal 6 years ago

    "The most effective way to deal with the Partycrashers is to bring a sign which reads "DEMOCRAT PLANT" and an arrow pointing either left or right. Then stand at the appropriate side of the "racist" and make it impossible (or difficult)for the media to show the one without the other. Or you could make the arrow point down and stand behind the guy, but that would wear MY arms out, so I'm going for one side or another. "

    You know what that say about great minds ;) I made the SAME plan this morning... kind of a Twilight Zone moment.

    This is a pathetic attempt to have attention taken away from the real issues, fiscal responsibility.

  • teapartysupporter 6 years ago

    Sorry, but the crashtheteaparty website looks like a hoax to me.

  • Pat Gibbons 6 years ago

    It's a hoax. See article at daily kos "Is the 'Crash the Tea Party' movement fake?" Pretty obvious that it is.

  • maryjanesuncle 6 years ago

    as a nation we excel in electing below average politicians, so whats all the fuss about this new guy, will be there 1 term, suck it up

  • Big Al 6 years ago

    Can the left get any more desparate?

    The Tea Party movement is real and it will swallow whole, in a tsunami of righteous indignation, the perverse, degenerate leftist wackadoo agenda being put forth by King Barry and his court jesters.

  • Jody 6 years ago

    Why on earth would anyone protest against those who are fighting to preserve the Constitution and lower our debt? Some people are beyond foolish. I'll be there with my kids. See you there!

  • tim bucktu' 6 years ago

    we have 100's of volunteers whose assigned duty it is to identify these loons, and follow them after the event.

  • Funkyfoot 6 years ago

    To all the Tea Party people, It's a free country, isn't it?

  • Melissa 6 years ago

    The red coats tried to break up the original tea party a few centuries ago and look where it got them...FAIL! Let freedom ring.

  • Melissa 6 years ago

    dubyawho-the left think anyone who did not feel guilty enough for being white to vote for an illegal president is a racist.

  • Reckoner 6 years ago

    These Crashers are a front set up by the real backers of the Tea Party in order to discredit any legitimate racist, homophobic and ignorant Tea Partiers who show up on the 15th. Follow the money, people.

  • Dave 6 years ago

    You just convinced me to join the "Tea Party" movement, and I'm not a "racist" or a "Bigot". Just tired of being told by the Pelosi-Reid team what I can or can't do.

  • Drew 2 years ago

    Google democrats and/or slavery/civil rights. you were obviously not taught history correctly

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