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Group asks America to be 'Ready for (Elizabeth) Warren'

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In a sure sign that the left wing of the Democratic Party is regarding Hillary Clinton as being somewhat less than inevitable, ABC News reported on Tuesday that a group of Elizabeth Warren supporters in Massachusetts have organized a group called “Ready for Warren.” The group’s website has a petition which they are urging people to sign to persuade the junior senator from Massachusetts to run for president. Warren herself is not connected with the group and does not support its efforts.

Warren has been behaving like a potential presidential candidate by traveling the country and campaigning in support of Democrats running in the 2014 midterms. This is a way that someone who is contemplating going for the top job picks up political chips that can be cashed in later. On the Republican side, potential candidates such as Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have been supporting their preferred candidates.

But as Politico noted, Warren’s travels have caused some awkward moments, such as when she appeared on the same platform with longshot senate candidate Natalie Tennant in West Virginia. West Virginia is a red state that is heavily dependent on coal for its economic wellbeing. Warren supports environmental regulations designed to crush the coal industry. The best that can be said that Warren, a fresh face at age 65, is not as much hated in red states as is President Obama.

Warren may be a little unprepared for prime time, however. According to Hot Air, she recently opined that the government shutdown that occurred last fall was motivated by a Republican desire to deny women access to birth control. The attempt to link the effort to defund Obamacare to the “war on women” meme is outrageous on a number of levels, with even the lowest of the low information voters having trouble swallowing it.

The upshot of this is that if Warren does decide the challenge Clinton for the Democratic nomination, she may actually benefit the former secretary of state’s prospects by allowing her to move to the center early. The old Nixon maxim for running for president is to run left (or right depending on which party) during the primaries and then head for the center during the general election. This strategy has become increasingly difficult in the age of social media and YouTube. It could be that Clinton could head for the center and stay there, enhancing her prospects, thanks to Warren.



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