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Grounds for Obama and Holder’s impeachment

Eric Holder failing at his job-No justice only his will
Eric Holder failing at his job-No justice only his will
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We have the grounds for their impeachment adding up like bodies in a war zone. We only had a small fraction of grounds by comparison when it came to the impeachment of Clinton and Nixon. Why do we delay? Oh, some feel it’s the race card that delays this action. Times have changed and now the ones that are the racists are Obama and Holder. The Supreme Court dealt President Obama's radical pro-abortion agenda and his attacks on the Constitution a stunning blow this week.

First, the high court unanimously struck down President Obama's non-recess appointments, sending an important signal that this imperial President's attempts to thwart the Constitution will not stand. President Obama attempted to stack a key federal agency with his radical nominees, ignoring the Senate's constitutional authority to "advice and consent." A Tea Party attorney represented the Speaker of the House of Representatives in an amicus brief, and the Supreme Court agreed with their position that Congress, not the President, determines when Congress is in recess. Next, the Supreme Court unanimously struck down a pro-abortion law, which the Obama Administration helped defend, aimed at shutting down pro-life speech in front of abortion clinics.

The VA scandal has been the worst here in Phoenix and Obama had full knowledge of this problem back when he took office-he did nothing but carry out his agenda. The Border Patrol is moving thousands of illegal immigrants to Arizona daily. "These illegal immigrants are coming over by the thousands because of the lack of leadership and policies of Obama and his Administration. The claim is that these "children" are coming here because of political unrest in their home countries like Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. But exactly how are they getting here? It’s impossible for these "children" to be traveling alone thousands of miles north, surviving rough terrain and the dangerous heat of the Mexican desert to arrive at our border. So, who's really behind all this?

We've learned many of these "children" are members of the most dangerous gangs in South America. Worse yet, these illegal immigrants are bringing contagious diseases into our country, further threatening our American citizens. How does President Obama react? He's holding events at the White House "honoring young adults who came to this country illegally" that won't be deported. He is sending the wrong message at the wrong time. It's unfathomable!" Sheriff Joe.

Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder is a serious threat to our liberty. He may be the worst Attorney General in our nation’s entire history. Senator Ted Cruz said if Eric Holder doesn't appoint a special prosecutor to hold the IRS accountable for illegally targeting conservatives, he should be impeached. Holder’s job is to uphold the law. Instead, he has routinely broken it in Fast and Furious and how many people did he hold accountable when the IRS illegally targeted innocent conservative citizens for their political beliefs?

Holder didn’t lift a finger to prosecute reported NSA spying against innocent Americans. Instead Holder used his power to spy on journalists. Clearly, this guy has never heard of the Bill of Rights. It’s time for Congress to get serious about the Constitution. It’s time for Congress to hold Eric Holder accountable and President Barack Obama.

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