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Groundhog Day Parade in Essex, CT

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If you can't make the trip to Pensylvania to see Puxsutawney Phil in person this year, grab your pots and pans and head to nearby Essex, CT.  The Essex annual Groundhog Day Parade in Essex Village will take place on sunday, January 31st at 2:00pm and features not Phil, but Essex Ed as its star groundhog.
Essex Ed will make his annual pilgrimage from Essex Boat Works to the top of Main Street.  He will lead a seemingly unorganized, rambunctious  parade of antique cars, fire trucks, residents, and visitors.
Everyone is invited to join in the fun and to bring their own noisemakers and ground hog gear to celebrate the day. Past years, Essex Ed has dressed for the parade as historical figures, athletes, thespians, and musical performers.
Started over 30 years ago by merchants looking to wake up this sleepy town during its winter blahs, hundreds of people turn out each year to find out who Essex Ed will be dressed up as.  Rumor has it, the town will be "all shook up" as it honors the 75th birthday of someone special through Ed's costume.
Today, the parade is organized by the Essex Board of Trade. For more information, go to
From Hartford, Essex is a quick trip down route 9 south to exit 3.



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